Used Processing Equipment for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries


Inventory Highlights

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50 Gallon Ross Reactor, Type 304 Stainless Steel 0.5 Hp. Ross Model HSM-100L, S/S Hi-Speed Mixer/Emulsifier 100 Gallon Vertical Agitated Tank, Sanitary Type 316 Stainless Steel 4 Gallon Ross Double Planetary Mixer, Vacuum, Jacketed, S/S-Teflon Arde Barinco Model C1 Jacketed Tank Mounted Mixer/Emulsifier 10 Hp Myers High Speed Disperser 30 Cu. Ft. Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender, S/S, Jacketed, Bar 5 gallon Groen Jacketed Kettle, Sanitary 0.75 gallon Baker Perkins Jacketed Vacuum Sigma Blade Mixer 20 Cu.Ft. Patterson-Kelley Twin Shell Solids Processor 4 inch Waukesha 220 Sanitary Positive Displacement Pump, 316 S/S 173 sq.ft. Yula Heat Exchanger 4 inch wide x 42 inch long Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Kinney Model  KDH-220 Vacuum Pump 1 Gallon Baker Perkins Dual Planetary Vertical Mixer, Vacuum,S/S 50 Hp. Myers Tank Mounted Disperser w/ Tank, Carbon Steel 1 cu. Ft. Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender, Pin Bar, Stainless Steel Stokes Model 149-11 Microvac Vacuum Pump 20 liter Netszch Horizontal Media Mill, Model LME-20-T, Stainless Steel 2 inch dia Glen Mills Laboratory Jet Mill, S/S Stokes 212-J / 622 MVR Vacuum Pump/Blower Package Stokes 212-J/ 622 Vacuum Pump/Blower Package Ika Process Pilot Inline Mixer, Sanitary 316 S/S 0.6 liter Dyno-Mill Horizontal Lab Media Mill, S/S 1.5 Hp Indco High Speed Disperser, Air Operated, S/S 8 Quart PK Twin Shell Liquid/ Solids Blender, Stainless Steel 60 Gallon Jacketed Kettle, Stainless Steel 100 Gallon Jacketed Kettle, Stainless Steel 20 Liter Processall Tilt-A-Mixer, Plow Type, Jacketed, S/S 15 Gallon Jacketed, Vacuum, Sigma Blade Mixer/ Extruder, S/S APV/Gaulin Homogenizer, Lab Size, Model 15MR-8TA, S/S

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